This year, we are once again foregoing gifts for our customers and instead supporting the work of the Bielefeld Medical Advice Centre with a donation of 3,000 euros.

The Medical Advice Centre is a specialised facility for girls and boys of pre-school and primary school age who have been affected by violence. Specially trained and experienced child and youth psychotherapists work here. In order to make the diagnosis particularly gentle for the children, they only use play therapy to clarify suspicions. The work is based on the unwavering self-image of being on the side of the child in every situation. The protection of the affected girls and boys from further experiences of violence is the top priority.

A visit to the medical advice centre in Bielefeld

The Medical Advice Centre is a registered association under the umbrella organisation of the DPWV. It was founded in 1985 by paediatricians from Bielefeld and members of the Child Protection Association. At present, the Medical Advice Centre employs five highly specialised therapists who work closely with state agencies such as the police and the youth welfare offices in OWL-Lippe.

The city of Bielefeld and the state of North Rhine-Westphalia support the work, but without donations it is impossible to continue. We are therefore pleased to be able to support this important institution with our donation.