Targeting Hospital

A systematic targeting is one of the most important success factors for sales organisations. For the hospital sector, an extraordinary source of information is available for this in form of the quality reports.

SALETELLIGENCE is your experienced partner in hospital targeting. In our tailored models, we utilise diagnostic and procedure codes (ICD and OPS) of acute care hospitals at the most granular level. We determine the potentials of each specialised department and hospital and develop the ideal target group.

For the hospital sector, a variety of data is available.

For the hospital sector, a variety of data is available.

Based on the number of clinical cases, we were able to determine our potentials very precisely. The SALETELLIGENCE tool that was tailored to us is a milestone for our sales control in the clinical sector.

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Hospital tools

For Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, comprehensive hospital case figures are available to us in standardised form. SALETELLIGENCE offers a specific analysis tool, each, which provides the respective case figures in a clear manner and simply allows for analyses for the determination of potentials.